The practice stands for: 

To inspire, motivate and empower pregnant woman and there partner in this region.To follow and monitor, the developments of this region and country.To hold a identity and unanimity.A good communication inside as outside.

Foto’s made by Akshar Dave, Alvin Mahmudov, Ashwini Chaudhary, Aziz Acharki,, Brigitte Tohm, Brina Blum, Cassidy rowell, Chien Pham, Christian Bowen, CHistin Noelle, Conner Baker, Daiga Ellaby, Dennis Acevdo, Edward, Cisneros, Evygeny Nelmin, Felipe Sagodo, Jakob Owens, Joao Silas, Joathan Borba, Jose Escobar, Joah Felise, Kellu sikkema, Laericio Cavacanti, Liv Bruce, M.T. ElGassier, Marvin Lewis, Mayur Gala, ROmane van Troost, Sandy Millar