About us

We work as three midwives and have two practice assistants.

You will get to know us all during pregnancy. One of us will supervise your delivery, depending on who is on duty the day you give birth. We are registered in the quality register of midwives.


We work together with midwives in training. They come under our super vision in their traineeship with us. If you would like to know more about the students that are in our practice, have a look at the poster by the door. If you would like to know more about the students that are in our practice, have a look at the poster by the door.

Who are we

We are a team with different background and experience. We are very motivate to encourage and equip you in your journey of becoming parents. Likewise, we do that by guiding and listening to you.


Nora Bouwens-Makiyi


My name is Nora, 35 years ago I was qualified as a midlife in Ireland. Since then, I have worked in many countries, including Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. As the founder of Midwifery practice Maashaven, I have been able to contribute a lot with my knowledge and experience of different cultures.

As your midwife, I hope to stimulate you with originality and appreciation in an inspiring way.



Charity Looi-Makiyi

Mijn naam is Charity Looi-Makiyi. Begin ’98’ ben ik gediplomeerd als verloskundige in St.Georges & Kingston University in Londen. Daarna heb ik gewerkt als 2e lijns verloskundige in het Kingston ziekenhuis. In 2000 ben ik hier in Nederland begonnen als 1e lijns verloskundige. Hierdoor heb ik veel ervaring en kennis van mijn vakgebied in deze twee landen. Ik ben ook nog getrouwd en heb twee mooie dochters. Als jullie verloskundige wil ik er voor zorgen dat u en je familie een gedenkwaardige ervaring beleven. 



Henny Vlak


I'm Henny Vlak. At the end of 1996 I graduated as a midwife. I did my education in London. Before I started working on the Maashaven, I worked in various midwifery practices in the Netherlands and I worked in Africa.

For me, midwife is the best profession there is. One of the nice thing about our practice is that women come from various cultures. You can learn something from everyone. I hope you feel at home in our practice.



An Bontenbal-Vlak

Since the spring of 2011 I have been working in this practice as an assistant.

In my previous work, I have worked as a nurse and I have a lot of personal experience from my pregnancies and childbirth. I am blessed with a large family, sons, daughters and grandchildren. - I absolutely love to assist in this fascinating practice. I speak from experience and I hope to help you whenever possible.