Procedures covid-19

DEAR Mothers to be and Partners

The coronavirus has taken us by surprise . Our team is closely following the instructions of the KNOV and the RIVM to prevent the spread of it as much as possible. At this moment, there is no evidence that the coronavirus affects a pregnant woman more than any other individual. The first mother with the coronavirus has given birth. The baby is healthy and doesn’t have the virus. If any new finding’s come along you will be in formed by us.

We strictly comply with all hygienic measures as instructed by the RIVM. We would like to inform you of the following regulations and interventions advised by the RIVM and KNOV.


We advise you not to come to the practice if you are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or have a fever. Please contact your general practitioner or the GGD and keep us informed.

We recommend that you come alone to your appointment. It’s permitted to bring along a translator if they have no symptoms. Otherwise they may join via video call. This can be done with your personal telephone.

We do our best to minimize your time spent in the waiting room

At the check-up, we only check the blood pressure, your weight and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. We will give you the necessary scan appointments or blood checks please ensure that you have the required STAR forms to enable you to have these procedures done . According to regulations, there will be less frequent check-ups. If there is a medical indication, you will receive the necessary check-ups. Here you will further be informed.

We expect our practice to get busier than before with people calling please do bear with us.

An emergency plan is being drawn up for the area. Emergency care will always be our first priority. We ask for your understanding if your appointment needs to be rescheduled.


Delivering in birthing centers and hospitals is changing and we will inform you of these as time draws closer or on the day of your delivery. Only one person is allowed during the delivery.

Home is still possible if its safe, please do inform us of any wishes to deliver at home. Ensure you have a delivery pack at home and registered with care assistant..

Post Natal

We will call in the morning for the check-up and discuss as much as possible by phone. We will visit on the fourth day to do the check-ups and perform the Guthrie test. All other check-ups will be done by phone, if possible.

Wij adviseren u om persoonlijke bezoeken te beperken.

We will do everything in our power to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery of your baby. We are available for any further questions or concerns you may have. Try not to stress but follow all possible recommendations from the respected advisory boardies. We are here for you and your partner, and together we will ensure safety and safe delivery of your child. 
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