If you are pregnant you have to pay more attention to your health than normal. Your baby is completely dependent on what you get. 

Extra folic acid is recommended from the moment you want to become pregnant until the 10th week of your pregnancy.

This vitamin plays an important role in the development of the nervous system. It can help prevent the so-called "open back" (spina bifida). 

Drink a lot of fluid, at least 2 liters per day. You need a lot of fluid during your pregnancy. In addition to the fact that your baby needs this to develop, you make almost a liter of extra blood. Furthermore, your kidneys must now process the waste from both of you, you help them by drinking a lot. An additional advantage is that it promotes bowel movements.

Ensure adequate exercise. A good condition helps you with the delivery. Very fanatic sports is not recommended, but taking it easy won't hurt. Your body indicates itself when you do too much, then you get pain in your pelvis and hard bellies. If exercise is not (anymore) for you, go for a nice walk and take the bike. 

Eet elke dag verse groenten en fruit. In verse groente en fruit zitten veel belangrijke voedingsstoffen. Verder zitten er ook veel vezels in. Eet het liefst geen voorverpakte groenten en fruit en was ze voor gebruik bepaalde vitaminen en mineralen zijn belangrijk voor de ontwikkeling van je kindje. Bij een gevarieerde voeding met genoeg groenten en fruit haal je voldoende uit je voeding. Voor meer informatie klik hier.

Would you like to use extra vitamins because you do not eat so well, then take multivitamins for pregnant women. The own brand of Kruidvat / Trekpleister etc. is fine and cheaper than Gravitamon.

Be careful with:

-Raw milk products and pre-packaged smoked fish. 
You should not use cheeses made from raw milk and milk directly from the cow during your pregnancy. There is a chance that listeria can be found here. The chance of a listeria infection is very small, but caution is advised. You can just eat Dutch cheese and also the foreign cheeses from pasteurized or sterilized milk, only the cheeses with "au lait cru" (raw milk) can be left better. 

- Raw meat and cat feces 
Raw meat can contain toxoplasmosis, this is a parasite that is also found in cat stools. So do not clean litter boxes, wear gloves when gardening, wash your vegetables before use and do not eat raw meat. 

-Organic meat, (mainly liver) 
Liver and other organ meats contain a lot of vitamin A. Intake of large amounts of vitamin A during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects. One sandwich with liver sausage or pâté can't hurt. 

Do not use medication without consulting your doctor or midwife. Also no medicines that you can get without a prescription. Always tell your doctor that you are pregnant if he / she prescribes a medication. You may use acetaminophen in moderation, but limit it as much as possible.

– Rook
Do not smoke in your pregnancy. Really try to stop for your child. Every time you light a cigarette, your child receives less blood flow through the placenta. Your child lags behind in growth and is more likely to die around birth than a child of a non-smoking mother. 

It is best not to use alcohol during your pregnancy. The alcohol goes through the placenta to your child. Your child's liver is still immature and therefore cannot process it itself. 

Do not use drugs during pregnancy. Both hard and soft drugs are bad for your child. The risk of childbirth is increased and your child is born addicted and has to rehab after birth. 

-Contact with harmful substances 
Use caution with substances such as turpentine-based paint, pest control agents, chemicals.


Made by Beka Tasmagambe

It can be useful to prepare for what is to come before you give birth. There are, for example, different bars. The 24baby site explains in a handy way what the different attitudes are and what the pros and cons are. click here