When to deliver

False labor or early labor may have some of the following symptoms: 
Contractions that are irregular and/or more than five minutes apart 
Pelvic pressure which is constant and not intermittent or wave-like 

When your water breaks 
•During false labor, try to distract yourself. Watch a movie, take a shower, go on a walk and drink fluids (dehydration can cause irregular contractions) 
If your mebranes have broken and the water is pink with white things in it, when its in the night you do not need to call. We normally wait 24hrs for contractions, you can only call us in the morning to let us know that your membranes have broken. When this happens during the day, you can call us 

If you have not heard from us that the head of the baby is not yet engaged around 37weeks you may need to lie down and immediately call us

If your mucus membranes or you are loosing blood: It is normal to loose your mucus membranes and can contain some blood. You do not need to call us. •Should you within a short time more than two pads full with blood call us immediately

If you are worried: 
if you have any other reason to be worried about, you are panicking or just not sure call!